Timișoara 2023

A weekend for a year.
And you. In the first row.

17–19 Feb.

Programme (coming soon)

When it comes to Timișoara, people agree that it is Different. Different as in open, brave and diverse. A city that has not shied away from being counter-current, becoming, in moments of grace, a current in itself. A city that has not been ashamed of counter-culture, and has even understood that multiculturalism is not a term that only applies to ethnic groups and denominations.

When Timișoara became complacent and conformist, it stagnated.

With the European Capital of Culture title, but also with the Opening, we want Timișoara to celebrate and rediscover this spirit. In fact, we want to show that it has found it again in recent years. That it has courage and openness, that it is, as it was more than 100 years ago, a good host for experimentation and collaboration, whether we are talking about arts, technology, architecture, education or culture in general.


European Capitals of Culture have a responsibility to seek new definitions and answers to major past, current or future issues. We celebrate freedom of thought and choice through debates, workshops and presentations that open minds and build bridges.


February 17–19 is a celebration of the entire city, but also of Timisoara's friends from everywhere. You can join this celebration by organizing or hosting actions and projects that highlight local artistic resources, activate unconventional spaces and reach diverse types of audiences.