Timișoara 2023

A weekend for a year.
And you. In the first row.

17–19 Feb.

When it comes to the city of Timișoara, people agree that it is Different. Different as in open, brave and diverse. A city that has not shied away from moving against the current, and becoming, in its best moments, a movement in itself. A city that has not been ashamed of being part of the counterculture, with a strong history of multiculturalism, and a passion for independence.

Whenever Timișoara became complacent and conformist, it has stagnated.

Now, with the title of European Capital of Culture, and with this February’s Opening, we want Timișoara to celebrate this independent spirit. We want to show that it has rediscovered its revolutionary verve again in recent years. That it has courage and openness, and can build on its history from over a century ago as a welcome host for experimentation and collaboration, whether we are talking about arts, technology, architecture, education or culture in general.

Visual arts

In February, Timișoara affirms and confirms yet again its vocation as host of the arts in a moment of synchronisation with the biennials and major museums in Europe and beyond. An exceptional series of exhibitions highlights diverse neighbourhoods and communities, moving from the physical and symbolic centre of Victory Square (where the Romanian Revolution of 1989 began) – Liberty Square – Union Square to the neighbourhoods. The pace and route is up to you: from retrospectives that span decades of creation to hurried glimpses into the future.


February 17–19 is a celebration of the entire city, but also of Timisoara's friends from everywhere.