Lajkó Félix & Vołosi

19 February, 18:00
Banatul Philharmonic
Bd. Constantin Diaconovici Loga 2
Open doors at 18:00
Opening act: Irina Sârbu & band

Lajkó Félix was born in 1974 in Bačka Topola (Hungarian: Topolya, Serbian: Бачка Топола), a city in the multi-ethnic and multicultural Vojvodina region of present-day Serbia. Lajkó left the music high school in Subotica in the 10th grade to go to Budapest with a borrowed violin and became a member of the Dresch Quartet. Since then he has commuted between Budapest and Subotica, representing and culturally connecting Hungary and his native Vojvodina region.

Often called the Devil's Fiddler or wonder child, once he's on stage with an instrument – ​​whether it's a violin or a zither – Lajkó is capable of doing anything and leading his audience into a world that only opens up to those born with a special talent. No matter what he tries to do or who joins him on stage, the end result is always an instinctive and visceral musical blend.

„My music is essentially based on the sensitivity and variability of my instrument. I don't play so-called new style music; I just have my way of improvising and composing. I don't differentiate between musical styles and trends; I play both folk, classical, rock, blues, jazz and improvised songs. At the moment I would describe my music as sentimental metal.”

Lajkó has performed with a large number of well-known bands and musicians, such as the famous Romanian violinist Alexander Bălănescu or the band Vołosi from Poland. His music captivated audiences in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, Brasov, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Frankfurt, Lyon, Bordeaux, Venice, Verona, Edinburgh, London, Tallinn, Munich, Vienna or New York.

The VOŁOSI story began in 2010, when violinist Krzysztof Lasoń and cellist Stanisław Lasoń met incredibly talented traditional performers in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. During all these years, VOŁOSI has created their authentic style that defies any definition: dynamic, passionate and highly sophisticated at the same time.

They have performed more than 700 concerts in 34 countries around the world, being hosted by the most prestigious festivals and venues: Wiener Konzerthaus (Austria), Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia), Sori Festival (South Korea), City Theater , Brugge (Belgium), Stockholm Water Prize Gala (Sweden), Hamamatsu World Music Festival (Japan), CaixaForum (Spain), Colors of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Urkult (Sweden), Mission Folk Music Festival (Canada), TFF Rudolstadt ( Germany), Shenzhen Music Festival (China), Dranouter (Belgium), O. Z.O.O.R.A. (Hungary), WOMEX 2017 opening gala (Poland), Universo Assisi (Italy), United Islands (Czech Republic), Glatt&Verkehrt (Austria), Arts Festival of North Norway, Songlines Encounters (Great Britain), WOMAD (Great Britain).

They won Grand Prix at New Tradition Festival, Czech Music Crossroads Festival and Svetozar Stracina EBU Festival for the Best European World Music Composition 2011. VOŁOSI performed during WOMEX 2014 and at WOMEX 2017 opening ceremony, at Stockholm Water Prize Gala for King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, for the heads of states of Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, and Israel. Their CD with Lajkó Félix ranked 2nd on World Music Charts Europe, 1st place on Balkan World Music Chart and was awarded the title of “Songlines Best Album 2019”.

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