Muaré Experience

17 February, 20:10
Union Square
Free access – The show is included in “Celebrating the Opening” (17 February, 19:00-23:00, Union Square)

Muaré Experienceis an intense exchange between the music of the Duchamp Pilot and an aerial show performed by the Spanish band Voalá Project.  It is a contrast of sensations, an experience of dialogue between a rock concert, an aerial show and the space in which it is performed.

The original and sophisticated choreographic sequences in the air, with the use of security systems and cranes that allow astonishing performances in the air are an internationally recognisable brand.

“Our aim is to generate intense emotions through images and powerful, original live music. Voalá has soared across the sky of 30 different countries and taken part in festivals and artistic events in the world’s most important capitals of culture since 2008.”


Horea Silvio Crișovan is the former guitarist of the bands Cardinal Neurotica, Blazzaj, Acum. Currently he is part of the projects VanDerCris, TM Groove, Pro Musica and Abra. He has performed with his fusion projects in the opening for world-class artists such as Eberhard Weber, Jean Luc Ponty, Scott Henderson, Mike Stern, Victor Wooten, Federico Malaman, Yellow Jackets. In 2008 he performed on the stage of Gărâna in a trio with Dominique di Piazza, John McLaughlin's bassist and Tavi Scurtu on drums. In the 2006 edition of Gărâna Jazz Festival he took the stage together with the Aura Urziceanu quintet. Between 2007-2010 he was involved in the show series "Mozart Rocks". From 1995 until now he paired in a duet with Ilie Stepan. Horea Silvio Crișovan currently works as a music producer and composer.

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