18 February, 12:45
"Corneliu Mikloși" Museum of Public Transport
Take Ionescu 83
Free access with reservation [Sold out]

when the giants left – Când or plecat urieșii
Sound Performance

Borusiade’s performance takes place inside the installation of Alexa Szekeres, as part of the exhibition Chronic desire – Sete cronica.

Miruna Boruzescu aka Borusiade, started playing music in 2002, being then one of the few female DJs in the city's alternative club scene. She graduated in film directing at UNATC in Bucharest and is fascinated by raw electronic sounds,
Borusiade has combined these universes in her music composition and DJ sets. Expatriate in Berlin and after experimenting with various other musical projects, Miruna has slowly crystallized her own, often dark sound with deep bass lines, haunting and melodic themes. After the success of her first record, "Jeopardy", released on Matias Aguayo Cómeme's 'internationalist' label in 2016, "Feelings Of Entropy'' was released the same year on the French label Correspondant.

It was followed by: "Promises/Infatuation" on the American label Cititrax, "Their Specters" on Unterton, a sub-division of the renowned Ostgut Ton label in Berlin, "Misfits Of Broken Dreams" on the Dutch label Pinkman Records. In the meantime, the artist has already released two LPs: "A Body" released on Cómeme in 2018 and "Fortunate Isolation" was released in 2020 on US label Dark Entries; 2021 – EP "Purge" appears on French label Tripalium Corp.

Besides her recording activity, Miruna Boruzescu has also collaborated with other related arts, composing music for theatre – "Spring Awakening" after Frank Wedekind directed by Charles Müller at the German State Theatre in Timisoara, contemporary dance – "Ritualia" by Paul Dunca at CNDB Bucharest or contemporary dance residency "441" for Trauma Bar in Berlin.

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