17 February


19 February

Fluid Memory

Augustin Pacha street, no. 3
Simultan Association
Financed by
City of Timișoara through the Center for Projects

Fluid Memory by artist Ioana Vreme Moser reflects a digital technology that does not need many resources but only a simple liquid matter controlled by natural phenomena.

This kinetic sound sculpture represents a computer storage constructed of glass and salt water. Inside the glass circuit, the operations of 1 and 0 become visible and almost tangible to the audience. Saltwater becomes a programmable material. At the centre are three flip-flop elements that cascade to affect each other, forming a Fluidic Shift Register. Once triggered, these Boolean logic arrays execute one process at a time: They remember water flow conditions and exhibit properties akin to memory. As the water data streams accumulate in the glass-copper coil configured as a transducer, subtle sounds emerge whose rhythm indicates memory activity.

Fluid Memory reflects on the discrete anatomy of modern computers and our burning love for them. It depicts an anachronistic machine that works with natural irregularities, transforming electronic hardware into human geometry. The morphology of this machine comes from an obscure branch of digital technology: Fluidics.

The project reassembles forms from the past to imagine an alternative technology for the future.

The event is organised by as part of the project Progress. Paradigm changes, in partnership with the Timiș Regional Cultural Directorate, with the support of Tangible Music Lab from Linz.

by Ioana Vreme Moser

Visual arts