Harun Morrison

Faces without Hands
Watch-faces, Audio
Location: Garrison Comand

A bag of discarded watch-faces has been arranged to form a graphic score. Across the duration of the exhibition different musicians will be invited to interpret and perform the score, including students from the music school opposite the garrison. 


Wire, Grapes
Location: Garrison Comand

This mobile sculpture, originally developed in dialogue with Helen Walker, takes its name after the protagonist of the Ancient Greek myth Tantalus. He was punished with eternal thirst and hunger,  despite standing in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree. At the entrance to the garrison a bunch of grapes, attached to a golden cord, extends from the balcon., As hands reach towards the fruit, an operator pulls them out of reach. When unactivated the grapes are suspended in the doorway. 


Harun Morrison (organised and edited)
Environmental Justice Questions
2023 – ongoing
Location: Corneliu Miklosi Public Transport Museum

Environmental Justice Questions is a compilation of questions for discussion and debate. Harun has invited a range of people including activists, writers, scientists, artworkers, theorists, architects, chefs, natural historians and horticulturalists to propose a question relating to environmental justice. Different iterations of the expanding publication will have different contributors, designers and translators. Romanian translation: Roxana Oanca.


You ask a friend, who asks a friend, who asks a friend...
Print, various sizes
Location: Garrison Comand 

This artwork circulates in varying poster and postcard formats. The sentence is based on a conversation with the artist Ana K describing how things get done în Timișoara.


Nothing Special
2020 – ongoing
Text, Audio
Location: Garrison Comand

This evolving text, comprising 365 statements outlining everyday scenarios, is presented as a looping audio work. The work is recited in English by Siriol Joyner and in Romanian by Noemi Gunea and Cristina Vasilescu.


Harun Morrison is an artist and writer based on the River Lea and Regent’s Canal, London. He is currently a UK associate at Delfina Foundation & Horniman Museum and Designer and Researcher in Residence at V&A Dundee. His forthcoming novel, “The Escape Artist” will be published by Book Works in 2023. Since 2006, Harun has collaborated with Helen Walker as part of the collective practice They Are Here. He is a former trustee of the Black Cultural Archives (est. 1981).