Dana Catona

Ceramics, installation, variable sizes
Location: Garrison Command

Starting from the intention to explore the connection between my poems and textual language, the work entitled now is an installation of variable dimensions, consisting of the repetition of the same written word, now (acum),  made of ceramic material. The choice of this single word was motivated by the paradoxical association between the word now, which designates an ever-present, and the stages from the shaping of raw ceramic material to its finished state. By joining elements in mural compositions that adapt to the exhibition space, the word now is prolonged in time and space through an endless redesign of moments designated by repetition. Each word is made by hand by shaping and pressing the ceramic clay, the interaction between the ceramic material and the movement of the palms is transformed into a repetitive but always spontaneous exercise. The ceramic objects vary in size, each shaped like a three-dimensional calligraphic script, materialised into a unique form. The result is a contradictory game that opens up questions about the dimension of the present, and of time in general, and how it is perceived.


Ceramic, installation, variable sizes
Location: Garrison Command

HOM/M/ES is a wall installation that aims to approach the subject of human representation through various explorations made of ceramic material. The human figure is taken up in miniature versions, recalling the visual and conceptual universality of the theme, but also the way in which the present influences our perception of the self or the other and/or others.  The work can be seen as having the attributes of a diary, while at the same time it is connected to my poetic work, and the degree of representativeness of the figurative elements are subordinate to experiences rather than images.


Dana Catona is a visual artist and poet, a graduate of The Academy of Arts and Design in  Cluj-Napoca. Currently, university lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timisoara. In 2008, she defended her doctoral thesis entitled Anthropomorphic Representations in the Visual Art of the 20th Century at the West University of Timișoara. She participates in exhibitions with ceramic, painting and graphic works and is focusing on the area of exploring the connections between the visual and the literary medium. Author of the handbook The human body – subject and artistic object, Brumar Publishing House, Timișoara, 2019 and the poetry volumes Iepurele de Marche, 2008, Prințesa Orangecalie, Brumar, 2011, Povești mici, Tracus Arte, 2014 and Tic-tac, Casa de literary bets, 2021. She is presenting at symposia with theoretical works related to the theme of the representation of the human body in the visual arts, and research on new paradigms of contemporary ceramics.